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Traditional horseshoe-shaped and high-quality technical system

The Aram Opera House is equipped with state-of-the-art stage equipments, it can hold 1,887 seats spread
out on four floors, in a room designed in the traditional horseshoe shape which is known to be most adequate
acoustically for opera, ballet and musical performances. In the case of most other performing halls, the distance
between the stage and the farthest seat at the back of the audience is 50 meters.
However, it is only 36 meters in the Aram Opera House, therefore, even the low voices of actors and actresses
can be heard from any seat in the hall. The small and cozy atmosphere creates an intimacy between the performers
and the audience. Moreover, high-quality speakers have been scientifically engineered in this opera house
to establish a most effective sound system.


8 dressing rooms on stage level
14 dressing rooms in basement level
Nearly all of the dressing rooms are equipped with restrooms and shower facilities except for
five (room numbers: 109, 110, 112, 113, and 114) which have washbasins only.

1 Orchestra Rehearsal Room 436.37 §³
4 Practice Rooms #2 165.29 §³ ,181.82 §³ ,198.35 §³, 231.41 §³
3 Private Practice Rooms 42.98 §³, 46.285 §³ 49.59 §³

Width 18 m
Height 12 m

Total Depth 20.7 m (US end of batten to proscenium line)
Width 64.5 m
Main Stage Dimensions 18 m (width) x 20.7 m (depth) / 372.9§³
Back Stage 270 §³
Whole Stage 1,690.86 §³

Grid height to deck 28.6 m
Max. batten "out" height 27 m

The orchestra pit can contain 180 orchestra members, has a cue light and a conductor monitor camera,
and can also use as many as 112 extra seats which are easily installed by mechanical wagons.

3 phase 4 line 350 amps power available
3 phase 100 amps power available in stage right
Reverberation (echo) time: 1.4 seconds (¡¾ 0.2 seconds)

Front Of House (FOH) : Digico D5 112EX System
Control Room: Soundcraft MH3 48Ch

1052.1 kW power available (736.47 Kw)
For load-in, 50 amps (3 phase 4 line) power available in four different locations
of the stage rightward and leftward

Total 826 dimmers (ADB EURODIM3 products, 5 Kw)

General: Apple Desktop Box (ADB) Phoenix - 10 (2048 control channels)
Back Up: ADB Phoenix - 5 (2048 control channels)
Moving: MA Lighting, grandMA full-size (2048 control channels)

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