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A Promenade on the Streets of Romance ARAM SUN PLAZA

- Four streets named Light, Water, Earth, and Wind

- A daily gathering place for the community

Light, Water, Earth, and Wind are the names given to the four streets at Aram Sun Plaza and these four elements
each represent the energetic urban life and topographical traits of Goyang.

Light stands for sunlight, neon signs and street lights; Water for Ilsan Lake; Earth for Mt. Jeongbal; and
Wind for the breeze from Ilsan Lake. Natural sunlight reflects on the glass buildings around the Aram Sun Plaza
during the day, and street light glow faintly like stars on the glass panes at night.

The plaza is part of the cultural center which aims at forming a communication channel between the community
and Goyang Aram Nuri Arts Complex to improve the quality of public services.

The Aram Sunny Plaza lies at the center of Aram Village as a lower open courtyard and one end is connected with
escalators that lead to Jeongbalsan subway station.

This access route to direct public transportation, however, caused vibration from the underground trains.
To reduce this effect, the plaza was built utilizing the "sunken" engineering method, which disperses the subway
vibration out into the air.
An arcade is built around Aram Sun Plaza, forming a true recreation and gathering place for the community.

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